Essay: Influence of the Triumph of the Will on the German people

Sample Essay

The propaganda film appears as an exceptional movie when considered in the frame of reference of the time when it was made. The director has gone to extensive lengths to ensure that the audience is impressed (1935). There is no doubt that the film represents an icon and a milestone in the art of propaganda film making. The simplicity of the film lies in the fact that all it does is to show the viewer a few scenes in Nazi Party history while the beauty of the film lies in the fact that these few scenes have been selected to be those that represent the best of times for the Nazi Party. The film needs no running or periodic commentary to communicate its message to the audience. The film, regardless of its much debated position as a propaganda film or documentary film, manages to represent the Nazi Party as a highly organized and undeniably strong force for the German nation.
The film attempts to represent an image of unity, integrity and sincerity to goal present in Nazi Germany. There is no doubt in the fact that the film attempts to show Nazi Germany as a superpower. However, it’s important to highlight that the film shows Nazi Germany in a phase where it is still only developing and has not yet acquired its objectives in entirety (1935).

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