Essay: Injuries-Cell Phone

Sample Essay

As society has developed and steadily increased in its degree of sophistication, so has the number of numerous threats that are always present in the wake of the course of events that span our everyday life (Moeller, 2005). The following paragraphs shall delve into the significance of the numerous implications caused by the excessive and inappropriate usage of one of the most commonly used electrical appliances of the present era: the cellular phone.

Cellular phones are accredited for a vast range of injuries since their advent. On a broad perspective, these injuries can be classified to belong to two different natures. The first one is the one that is known around the world quite commonly and is one of the leading reasons for driving accidents around the world. The usage of cellular phones while driving has been an act that has been the reason for the deaths of countless lives and governments around the world have now passed laws that forbid drivers from using cellular phones while driving. Although some laws allow drivers to make use of the hands-free options that cellular phones provide as well, yet the number of accidents per year still reaches a precarious number since the central element which causes accidents in the first place remains present even with the use of a hands-free. The driver’s attention is diverted and the driver fails to focus on the road ahead and the traffic alongside. Cellular phones have been determined to be the cause behind over two thousand (2,000) deaths and over three hundred thousand (300,000) injuries across the Unites States of America every year (, 2005).

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