Essay: Internal Trade Barriers in the European Union

Sample Essay

One of the few elements that set apart the European Union from other international cooperative agreements and accessions is the cooperation level in terms of internal trade that prevails amongst the European Union countries. The trade cooperation between the constituting counties is nothing less than one of the many jewels in the crown of the European Union that attracts other countries towards desiring a membership of the European Union. Imports and Exports between the countries of the European Union are regulated and carried out through transparent regulations and conditions that are designed to provide a policy based framework through which trade can flourish between the European Union counties (Ministry for Foreign Affairs).

The freedom and refined regulation of the movement of goods, services, capital in imports and exports and people allows for the acceleration of the economic growth and development of the European Union.

Before light can be shed upon the logistics issues that are concerned with the European Union, it is essential to highlight the fact that the internal market in this regard is constituted of the member states that form the European Union as well as the European Economic Area which encompasses countries such as Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. The regulatory framework that is present within this establishment aims to dismantle and set aside trade barriers in order to allow for the maximum possible improvement of trade in the European Union. It is essential that if an establishment such as the European Union is to develop a strong internal trade infrastructure, then the trade regulations have to be of a manner that allows the availability of a greater choice of goods and services to be made accessible to the everyday consumer.

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