Essay: An Interview with Transsexual

Sample Essay

A transsexual was interviewed briefly during the late night stroll. She told us that the feeling of wanting to be a woman had been present in the mind from as long as she could recall. The intensity of the feeling was observed to be so strong that the transsexual had gone through surgery in order to have her gender changed.

The transsexual was observed to be in a state of mind where she had absolutely no objections or regrets about the gender change through surgery and openly declared that she was happy with her life. While the general perception regarding transsexuals holds that they are of a shy nature, it was observed she was not shy at all and was not ashamed of her choice or decision in any manner.

Feminism can be found to be very strongly in action in this transsexual’s case since the individual is clearly choosing to take a stand against biological certainty (Stryker & Whittle, 2006). The individual is of the opinion that the genetically present biology should not have any influence whatsoever on the destiny of the individual. The transsexual did not merely appear to be attempting to revolt against gender based restriction of roles but was one who appeared to have made an independent choice in life.

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