Essay: Introduction to Miami and Miamians

Sample Essay

A very important point that deserves highlighting and without which the book cannot be expected to be reviewed properly is that the author has given due regard to the smallest of people in his book. There is hardly a chapter in which the author has not given regard to the people of everyday life.

Beginning from the 20’s, the author begins by taking the reader through a bit of an introduction to Miami and Miamians. In doing so, the author starts out from the early days of Brickell Avenue and shows the reader how Miami began to become populated and the initial perception about Miami that was widespread amongst the people of the region in the early days. The author then proceeds to take the reader through the evolution of everyday lives. The author has chosen to adopt quite a chronological approach in the history of Miami and does justice to the contribution of numerous events in the bringing of Miami to what it is today. The author also spends a considerable amount of the reader’s time in elaborating upon the particular series of events that led to the development of Miami into the hub of activity that it is now. Chapters such as Gates of Paradise play quite significant role in this regard. The author describes the history of Miami through hail and high sea as well as through the most productive of days when Miami was like a gold mine of prospects and brimming with potential. Prominent chapters in the book which cover aspects such as these include chapters such as lasting impressions, between the leaves, ear to the wall, other shells other times, driving through the past, ever-ever land and War and Peace.

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