Essay: Introduction Speech

Sample Essay

There are about seven people billion people in this world right now. All of them hold infinite potential, but very few manage to make something out of them. These people are so rare that some people refer to as exceptions in a society; others call them leaders. One such exception is Dmita Anthony Levy.  From the time he immigrated to the US at the age of 9, Levi has continued to prove himself in every field of life he went in to. I will share Levi’s successful journey through life through three elements that I observed to be most significant about him during the hours of long conversations that I had with him.

Firstly, in elementary school, Levi was one of the few selected for the Gifted Program for Advanced Learners. His success streak can be observed throughout his education as he went on to become a senior cadet in the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. Levi always realized the significance of maintaining success and never left a stone unturned in his pursuit of excellence. As a child and a young man, he realized the value of commitment and dedication.

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