Essay: Ishmael Reed’s Derivation from History

Sample Essay

Upon going through the novel, one finds that the author has chosen to cover the subject through an approach in which the author sheds light on the subject through the lens of his particular perception in a systematic order and does so by elaborating upon one state a time and then moving on to another one. The author seems to perceive Jes Grew as an anti-plague of sorts and takes the reader through the course of the novel elaborating upon the numerous implications that the Jes Grew had upon those states. The author seems to have chosen to adapt the sequence of the narration to the path that this anti-plague took as it spread like wildfire amidst the apprehensions of the Agonists.

It would not be justified to leave out the fact that Ishmael Reed’s point of view does tend to get a little confusing at times yet the mere subject upon which the author has placed his pen upon paper is all the persuasion that the reader needs to go read from cover to cover. Yet, there is a certain degree of adaptability that a reader is recommended to posses if one is to enjoy this book. This also comes forth as one of the few aspects of Ishmael Reed’s Mumbo Jumbo that set it apart from other conspiracy based novels. Ishmael Reed’s derivations from history are of a nature that one is rarely used to coming across. More specifically, one seldom expects to find conclusions and derivations such as those that Ishmael Reed has presented in novels (Dick and Zemliansky 37).

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