Essay: Issues of Rural Payments Agency

Sample Essay

In the presentation it has been highlighted that the Rural Payments Agency could have made significant changes to its program management approach to improve the results. These improvements take the form of establishing a flexible duration for undertaking the program management task.

The schedules of the specific tasks required in establishing the system, conducting business process reengineering and attaining the IT based solution, and implementing the IT based solution should have been all planned for with a work breakdown structure which allowed time and resources for any contingencies that occurred. An inflexible program leads to a constrained and ineffective outcome.

“It is essential that change be managed and that balanced attention be paid to all identified factors, including those that are more contextual (e.g., management support and technological competence) as well as factors that pertain directly to the conduct of the project (e.g., project management and process delineation). As one of the first pieces of empirical evidence based on a field study, this research emphasizes the importance of addressing BPR implementation within the broader context of organizational change in a complex socio-technical environment.” (Grover et al., 1995)

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