Essay: Keep Kids Healthy

Sample Essay

Up front, the Keep Kids Healthy (2010), website is an information services website that provides consumers with online support through health tips and medical advice on how to keep their children healthy. This website was taken to be an unreliable website.

  • With regard to adverts, a significant number of advertisements were visible on the home page of the website. These included numerous advertisements by Advertisement software’s.
  • The information available on Stay healthy was one that was presented through listed articles (Keep Kids Healthy, 2010). However, none of the articles provided information on the author or the credibility of the author.
  • The website offered little to no credibility since none of the articles presented any referrals to any external sources to verify the statements given in the articles. In addition, the website showed no visible effort to ensure user confidentiality (Keep Kids Healthy, 2010).
  • It was observed that the website does not copy its information from other websites, thereby suggesting that the contents of the website are legitimate and developed by the owner of the website.
  • The website, according to a small note at the bottom of the home page, was last updated on January 13, 2010 (Keep Kids Healthy, 2010).
  • This indicated that the website updating process was somewhat delayed and did not follow a monthly frequency.
  • When considered with regard to the Download time, the website constituted mainly text with the graphic files being mostly limited to the advertisements. This made the website very fast in terms of download time.
  • In terms of navigation, the website was easy to maneuver through and provided users with an easy-to-use set of tabs on the top of every page to access the main areas of the website (Keep Kids Healthy, 2010).
  • The layout of the website was very fundamental in nature with text in the middle with one side bar allocated to browsing tabs and the opposing side bar allocated to advertisements and promotions.

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