Essay: Kraft Food’s Marketing Communication

Sample Essay

The company can market the Maxwell House & Nabob coffee pods in the Canadian market through print advertisements, commercials on televisions sponsorships, direct marketing as well as consumer shows.

The company can target Chatelaine, Style at Home, Canadian House and Home and enRoute for its print based marketing options as they provide large coverage ranging from 14%-25 %. In order to build awareness the company should launch TV sponsorship programs and infomercials in Toronto, Vancouver and Quebec. The Toronto/ Vancouver Sponsorship program provides a good option with exposure to 364,000 people at a cost of $52,300 through the use of promoting the brand and offering giveaways during a 30 second TV spot. The company can also use its own customer database and direct market to the one million subscribers of the What’s Cooking magazine at a cost of only $50,000, with a per consumer cost of 0.05. Through Consumer shows like talk shows the company can promote its brand while increasing awareness for the pod based coffees in the market. Additionally the audience at the talk show programs can be provided with free pod coffees and for prime time shows, pod based coffee machines through lucky draw to increase use of pod based coffee in the market while creating awareness for it.

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