Essay: Learning to Listen Learning to Speak

Sample Essay

While these concepts are central to explaining the importance of dialogue in education they do not explain the requirements and principles to begin and maintain such a dialogue. Jane Kathryn Vella in her book “Learning to listen, leaning to teach: the power of dialogue in adults” speaks of twelve basic principles which are essential in employing this form of educational methodology.

She says before anything the needs of the target audience must be assessed and followed by the creation of an environment where they can feel safe and secure. Creation of a connection between the teacher and the learner is equally important, followed by an emphasis on the course guidelines and implementation of such guidelines through actions and classes which allows the learners to reflect and gain understanding through experience. Furthermore, respect for teachers, as well as towards the cognitive, emotive and action centered aspects of learning. The development of roles and role models are important as well, as well as the use of teamwork and engaging the learners in activities. Finally, accountability must be taken for the amount of knowledge gained by the learners and their perspectives on the world around them (Vella, 2002 p. 3-4).

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