Essay: Liberation of Odysseus

Sample Essay

It is a beautiful illustration of Odysseus; for this is the first time in the poem that his diplomatic decisions provide him with a reward that graces him not only mentally, but also physically (Homer and Worsley).  Athena grants him his physical strength and stature back, which had almost certainly diminished quite a bit since being on Calypso’s island and swimming in the ocean.

This physical liberation restores Odysseus’s confidence and he once more acquires the will and the strength required to mediate his way through obstacle after obstacle. This is also evident in the manner that he holds himself from this point of the odyssey onwards. The final and most crucial desire for which he resorts to his diplomatic bent of mind is the one woman for whom he has made his journey and manipulated people; his beloved Penelope (Homer and Worsley).

After Odysseus makes it to Ithaca and wins his wife back he has accomplished his goal and broken the chains that seemed impossible to escape and therefore, does not resort to any diplomacy afterwards (Homer and Worsley).

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