Essay: Life of Pi by Yan Martel

Sample Essay

He chronicles his search for God. How he grew up a Hindu in a non-religious family but eventually found Christianity and then Islam. He speaks of how he saw all these religions as being equal and having no true difference between them. And how he religiously followed each one and when asked why he would not choose between them he would simply say I just wanted to love God. Through it all the author also interjects details about Mr. Patel’s life in the present how he see various religious items in his home and how he would have to suffer through spicy food because he did not want to offend the narrator.

Because of the prevailing situation in India at the time regarding Indara Gandhi his father had to make a decision to sell the zoo and relocate his family to Canada. He speaks of how he travel on a freighter called the Tsimtsum and how the freighter sank in the middle of the pacific on his way to Winnipeg.

The second part of the book talks about how Pi finds refuge on a lifeboat. He has just lost his entire family in the tragedy that befell him. However he finds he is not the only survivor from the boat. The other survivors include a female orangutan called Orange Juice, a wounded Zebra, a spotted Hyena and a 450 pound Royal Bengal Tiger by the name of Richard Parker. It is not long before he sees the food chain of the animal kingdom play out. The hyena eats the zebra and then the orangutan before finally being eaten by Richard Parker. Pi realizing his own mortality and his place on the food chain comes to the conclusion that he will only survive by adopting the role of the Super Alpha male.

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