Essay: Life of Pi

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Additionally, though somewhat philosophical it must be pointed out that faith in God is an intrinsic thing. If religion is the primarily a vessel so that man can be closer to God. Then the requirement of storytelling is nullified. Storytelling cannot exist without God, but God can exist without storytelling. The truest aspect of storytelling is that it speaks of human beings, of us. However, religion begins and ends speaking only of God.

The Life of Pi is a wonderful book that not only examines the relationship between different religions and its place in society. It also shows the strength of true faith and how it can survive and help us survive through tremendous adversity. The truly remarkable thing about it is it does not force the ending upon the reader instead allows the reader to choose the ending he most believes in. When we see the differing opinion of the two Kumar’s with one saying the scientific name of the zebra and the other saying God is great. And the narrator appreciating viewpoints, the physical and the spiritual simply says how pretty it is. In this case it truly mimics the nature of life that there is no true answer.

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