Essay: Love Cannot be Forgotten by Zhang Jie

Sample Essay

Not only are Zhang Jie’s decisions appear to be influenced by the perceptions she observed her mother to harbor during her childhood days but there also seems to be a considerable degree of awe towards elements of her mother’s perceptions that she did not manage to comprehend until later in life. For instance, the reader can see how the evolution of Zhang Jie’s thought process evolved into one that was quite reminiscent of her mother’s after her mother passed away when she states that:

“Some of her instructions – the ones that had to do with that set of books entitled Love Cannot Be Forgotten, I haven’t. I cannot make myself get rid of it.” (Jie 97)

It is at this point, when the author states the line quoted above, that the reader realizes exactly how heavily the author is influenced by her past. Even more so astonishing is the fact that as a result of her high degree of attribution to the past, by the end of the essay author’s frame of mind seems to have evolved into the same contortion that her mother possessed.

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