Essay: What is love

Sample Essay

Love is more than often considered to be a state of mind that is influenced heavily by the state of one’s heart. Of course, the heart does not physically influence a person’s decision, but the reference to the heart is one that refers to the collection of emotions that a person goes through as a result of the emotions that a person is going through

Love is often described as an advanced degree of affection and is more than often criticized for lust in its founding phases. In philosophical terms, it is considered to be the solution of the world’s problems and is considered to be the one route through which the parallel powers of the world can make peace and live in harmony alongside each other.

Love can be referred to as a collection of emotions and feelings that a person goes through collectively and experiences them towards a particular entity. The entity can be living or non-living let alone human or non-human. It can also be tangible as well as intangible. It is therefore necessary to comprehend that love can be towards any entity in the universe. It can even be with the universe and all that the universe holds. This is perhaps one of the rarest of characteristics that love has that it is not limited in its applications towards any entity (Sternberg, 1998).

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