Essay: Mad Men

Sample Essay

However, when they were depicted they were shown to be either fundamentally of the religious persuasion or terrorists with no regard for human life. In terms of women, the media again pre-dominantly depicted Caucasian females nearly all of whom were quite attractive and young in age. By contrast I saw no females of Asian or Hispanic descent. The only African American female depicted in the media I saw was overweight (dsnook) (communication360) (Zebonka).

When we consider the show Mad Men on the cable channel Showtime. The depictions of men and women in the workplace are quite accurate when we consider the social considerations of the sixties. In many ways this aspect of social order in the workplace still exists in today’s society. While it is true that legally women have the same, perhaps even more rights than men in today’s working world. Laws exist now to not only protect the rights of women to not be commented on in a sexual manner, but also to grant them equal rights as men in the workplace. However, men are pre dominantly still considered to be better workers than women and are offered better opportunities as compared to women in the workplace. This is evidenced by the current list of fortune 500 companies of whom the female C.E.O’s of corporations exist in the single digits.

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