Essay: Main Characters in the Motion Picture Breathless

Sample Essay

In the motion picture Breathless, Michel is the main character who we find presenting him as a character to play Humphrey Bogart. However, we follow the character as he steals a car in Marseille and ends up shooting a policeman who has followed Michel from the moment of the theft, all the way to the country road. Michel is then not only completely broke, but also on the run from the police as well. In desperation, he turns to his American girlfriend. His American girlfriend Patricia is not only a student but also an ambitious journalist who does not agree with Michel’s actions or motives when he communicates her to them.

Yet, all the same, she agrees to let him come and live with her. Michel attempts to take advantage of Patricia’s softer impulses and begins to steadily try and seduce her so that he can borrow money from her. He plans on using the money to escape to Italy. However, the tables turn on Michel when his girlfriend tells him that she is pregnant with this child and it is at the same time that she finds out Michel’s history with the law and the fact that he is also charged with murder besides grand theft auto. Out of desperation and hurt, she chooses to betray Michel and rats him out to the police. However, being pregnant with his child, she once again feels sorry for him, and out of guilt, she tells him that she has betrayed him, to which Michel chooses to stay and lead the rest of his life in prison. However, as the seconds tick by, Michel experiences a change of decision and decides to run from the police for the sake of his freedom. We see Michel taking his last breaths as he fails to manage an escape and gets shot by the police. Michel chooses to run until there is life in his body, and eventually falls and dies from the damage inflicted to his body from the bullet wound injuries.

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