Essay: Mammography as a Way to Detect Breast Cancer

Sample Essay

Mammography is another way for detecting breast cancer, and it has come to a point where it is now considered to be one o the most effective ways to carry out breast cancer detection. However, it is different from self     examination because it is has to be performed by a qualified professional.  Mammography is a type of imaging that uses an x-ray system to check the breasts. The actual examination that is used to carry out this detection technique is referred to as the mammogram.

The mammography takes 15 minutes to process; it examines from side to side and from top to bottom ( 2008)     Mammography can detect changes in the breast up to two years before a patient or doctor feels them. That is why mammography is the best examination for early detection (radiologyinfo 2009). It is better to be done once a year for women aged 40 or older ( 2009).  Many thousands of lives are saved every year because of this particular early detection test.

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