Essay: A Man Who Would Cure the World

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These stories, however, do not fully grasp how innovation in medicine has not always been a positive factor. The acknowledgement of medical science being used for good as well as evil constitutes the third and final theme of this paper. In the third chapter, Patients with multi drug resistant tuberculosis have been refused treatment with costly drugs in areas such as Haiti and Peru because their treatment is considered to be both cost-intensive and unlikely to be successful. The same may be said of patients with HIV and AIDS, these individuals have been denied treatment simply due to the fact that their disease is at a stage where treatment is not considered a viable option within the medical sciences. According to Dr. Farmer “No one else […was] treating impoverished Haitians with new antiretroviral drugs” (Kidder, 29)

It is through these three themes and the message of the book itself that we can see it is our duty not only to help those who can be helped. But also those who have been abandoned by society and science and give them the chance they need to survive. “I can’t sleep. There’s always somebody not getting treatment. I can’t stand that” says Dr. Farmer (Kidder, 23). It is through his tireless efforts that not only do these individuals receive the treatment they deserve preserving their human dignity. But also causes us to question our own legacy in life and challenges us to make a difference beyond our usual boundaries.

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