Essay: The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat

Sample Essay

Since the beginning of science the brain has been a complex wonder to understand, new findings, and new discoveries, are always changing to help us know and learn more about the working of the brain. Oliver Sacks, in his book ‘The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat,’ we read about the sufferings of those with neurological diseases, it is the case study of all his patients who are mentioned in the book are affected by Tourette’s syndrome.

Sacks is interested in  his patients and their disorders, he has written these case studies to teach normal people, to understand and accommodate  and help such patients, he describes the neurological diseases of the people, their struggle and suffering to survive with the neurological defects.  These patients never lost their spiritual ability though they are the victims of disorder, the ability to rejoice is never lost , Dr. Sacks has written about many patients in this book, like ‘The Lost Mariner” (22-41) Jimmie could not remember anything for more than two minutes, he could only remember things thirty years old, he was suffering from amnesia; after frequent visits with Dr. Sacks he became calm and found some reality, in what Dr.Sacks referred to as “absoluteness of spiritual attention and act”(page38), though Jimmie was the victim of  nerve disorders yet his inner self the person beneath this disorder was very much real, all the stories written by Dr. Sacks are informative and interesting. Tourettes syndrome cannot be underlined as a degrading disease, today there are many people living and diseased who are associated with Tourette syndrome, it is believed that the syndrome may have helped in their success. Usually when one sense is not working properly, other senses become strong and the patient can use his strong sense to his advantage.                   .

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