Essay: Management of Hypertension in Diabetes

Sample Essay

Citation: Stults, B., & Jones, R. E. (2006). Management of Hypertension in Diabetes. Diabetes Spectrum , 19 (1), 25-31.

Brief synopsis: According to this research, in cases where hypertension was left unmonitored, untreated and uncontrolled, the outcomes generally incorporated the development of diabetes complications. The research was pivotal in the establishment of the fact that this unwanted development was of a nature where it not only had implications on micro-vascular impediments but also had implications on macro-vascular complications (Stults & Jones, 2006).

It was concluded as a result of the interpretation of the findings of the research that there is a strong need to increase awareness regarding the significance of blood pressure control since absence of a blood pressure control system can lead to an increase in healthcare costs and decrease in positive patient outcomes.

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