Essay: Max Weber as a Conflict Theorist

Sample Essay

Unlike Marx, Weber chooses to consider capitalism as anything but an idealistic form of society. We can deduce therefore that it is in the aspects of the formation, direct impacts and eventualities of capitalism that the differences between Marx and Weber lie.

The main difference between, Marx, Max Weber and Durkheim, was that, Max Weber was in contradiction with what these two believed, Max Weber was termed as the conflict Theorist because both the other respective Theorists did not agree with the theories he put forward.

Durkheim and Marx both contested his views strongly however they did so in completely different contexts. Weber managed to analyze the fact that human kind had a thirst for power that came with the possession of resources; these could be anything from land to capital or investment. According to him Social Status went hand in hand with the conditioning of human life.  He explained these facts in terms of categories like, societies were chronologically divided into social strata depending on their possession of material wealth which further gave them Status and ultimate entry into the party of the elite. The concept of Power, Weber explained that when referring to mankind power did not emerge from strength, it was from wealth that strength and power both emerged.

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