Essay: Melting of Polar Ice Cap

Sample Essay

In addition, already almost one fifth of the Polar Ice Cap at the North Pole has melted into the ocean. The boundary of the Arctic Sea now is not even close to what it used to be only three decades from now. While this statistic may not hold apparent importance, the 30-year figure holds relevance because it represents the fact that the changes are not across centuries but are far more drastic and accelerated. It therefore comes as no surprise that sea levels along coastal towns are observing a steady rise. From 1850 to 2000, not more than a few decades back, sea level has risen to about fifteen inches from where it used to be.
The effects are slow and may span across the next few centuries (Lovejoy 18). Washington Post Journalist for over 30 years, Pulitzer Prize finalist Doug Struck is a specialist in Global Warming from Harvard University Center. He believes that wildlife is observing changes in its habitat, as changes in nesting, and laying patterns are recorded alongside a steadily increasing volume of dry days in a year. In addition, wildlife migration patterns are observing new twists as species migrate to habitats where they would never come to previously; thereby, disturbing the natural processes and distorting regular patterns of nature in such areas (Struck). Considering Doug Struck’s findings, it can be surmised that the natural balance of the Amazon rainforest is under considerable threat from Global Warming.

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