Essay: Milk Motion Picture

Sample Essay

Milk is a 2008 biographical motion picture by Gus Van Sant that presents a chronological view of the life of gay rights activist and politician, Harvey Milk. The movie presents a neutral perspective of the hardships that Harvey Milk had to go through and allows the audience a chance to make their own decision about not only the movie but also about the legitimacy of Harvey Milk’s struggle for the acquitting of his rights and the suffering that he chose to put himself through as a sacrifice to the degree of faith that he had in his beliefs.

The following paragraphs of this paper shall shed light upon the movie and shall attempt to elaborate upon the perspective that the movie has showed Harvey Milk in. The paper shall also take into account one movie review and shall elaborate upon the legitimacy of the opinions expressed in the critic. The paper shall give special attention to the numerous themes that the creators of the movie have chosen to highlight in Milk and shall attempt to elaborate upon the degree of sincerity with which they have put the movie together.

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