Essay: Modern Medicine

Sample Essay

In the book Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, a Man Who Would Cure the world, author Tracy Kidder narrates the story of Dr. Paul Farmer. An anthropologist and a physician by trade; Dr. Farmer is an individual who has dedicated his life towards the struggle against infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, HIV and AIDS. The book is not only a biography which follows the sacrifices and successes of the doctor in various regions. It also discusses his personal philosophies, as well as the difficulties faced in gaining aid for these people from today’s society. The book also provides examples which illustrate the three themes discussed within the course.

The third chapter the book mentions a few of the most life threatening diseases which infect various populations in areas such as Haiti. The danger represented by diseases such as HIV is further compounded by factors which spread the disease. In the medical profession, when the spread of the disease is attributed to factors such as economics and social issues. It effectively opens these factors up to medical intervention. Attributing such factors which are outside the sphere of influence of the medical field is known as the medicalization of those factors, which is the first theme discussed.

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