Essay: Monitoring the Internal Dimensions of a Human Body

Sample Essay

A research performed in early 2006 indicated that even though ultrasound is a highly effective and frequently used technique of monitoring the internal dimensions of the human body through imaging, it may still be far more premature than modern day healthcare practices give them credit to be. The research addressed the vast body of literature that has as yet been able to ascertain the authenticity of the neutrality of the implications of ultrasound (Bello, 2006).

According to the research, in almost all the research that has been carried out to validate this hypothesis, there has been a significant degree of reliance placed on the theories relating to the functionality and development of human organs. This comes forth as a highly significant limitation since the in-utero time frames of the tastes are kept significantly small. The research suggested that the performance of these tests should span time periods being measured in days if they are to be effectively conducted.

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