Essay: Mumbo Jumbo by Ishmael Reed

Sample Essay

Mumbo Jumbo was written by Ishmael Reed in the late 1970’s and is credited as one of the few books that have been written on the subject of conspiracy and yet gained the standing where it is considered to be a literary masterpieces of the previous century. In the book Mumbo Jumbo, the author Ishmael Reed, delves into the intricacies of The Wallflower Order, one of the most well hidden conspiracies of the last century (Reed). Even though the wallflower order is an occurrence that is very closely related to the Knights Templar, yet it remains one of the few conspiracies that writers have refrained on putting their pens to paper on.

The novel takes credit for the origin of its plot from the Wallflower Order and addresses quite a number of aspects related to the history of the United States along the way. Since Mumbo Jumbo is written as a novel, it is essential to note that the character used can also be seen as reflections of the underlying theme of the novel. Mumbo Jumbo refers heavily to the rebirth of African American Culture in its core context and it is apparent that Ishmael Reed has not refrained from referring to some of the more sensitive aspects of the western society (Francisco Burzi). What comes out as most interesting during the course of reading this book is the fact that it is surprising to see how the author has managed to find such depth and detail in the mere subject of dance as it evolved in history.

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