Essay: Mutation of the Concept of Feminism

Sample Essay

This inference is one that speaks volumes about the reputation of the neighborhood. Not only is the bar infamous for being a hub for prostitution for the high class but this understanding appeared to be one that went far beyond the people residing in the neighborhood and even in the city. Most of the men appeared to be working men and over the age of forty, which further indicated that the bar catered to a clientele that had the means and the money to pay for the high class services provided by the bar.

However, the women in the bar were selling their bodies the same way as the women outside on the streets. They were asking women if they wanted to have a fun night and it was evident in this fact that the reputation that the women on the street held was the same that the women in filmoreā€™s bar held. The only change was in the immediate scenery, whereas the mutation of the conception of feminism remained the very same. The woman in the bar was one who nothing more than sold her body, as did the woman on the street (Devlin-Glass & McCredden, 2001). The customers in both cases were men while the only difference that existed was that the men in the bar were those who agreed to pay more money than the men on the streets who roamed the blocks in groups of three and four in their cars.

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