Essay: Myths and Legends about the Continental Army

Sample Essay

Royster clarifies to the reader how the Continental Army was perceived in the early days of its formation. Royster highlights how the general public, the politicians and leaders of the time reacted to the formation of the army and the degree of realization it was given for the role it played in the Revolutionary War. Royster also dispels myths and legends about the Continental Army. Royster is blunt in his narration of the incidents when soldiers of the Continental Army resorted to theft and the subconscious fear that the citizens began to harbor about the Continental Army. The Continental Army has been established on the basis of a cause. The cause was to make sure that British rules and policies did not manage to gain any ground in the Americas. Royster is clear in his elaboration of how the cause was exploited for personal reasons of profiteering by merchants and soldiers alike.

Nonetheless, Royster proves how the Continental Army was essential not only to the maintenance of freedom but also to the integrity of the colonies that together formed the Americas. We can infer from Royster’s A Revolutionary people at war, that the Continental Army came to the colonies as one of the few first platforms upon which the colonies came together and the concept of the United States found strength. Most of the men had never seen battle before and the rest were severely untrained when compared to the refined Redcoats, yet the spirit to dispel an external dominant and to fight got continued integrity was strong.

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