Essay: National Council of La Raza

Sample Essay

The three websites I have chosen are geared towards the social betterment of the Hispanic community. The first website is for the “National Council of La Raza” which is created to improve civil and social rights for Hispanic Americans. The website provides links to programs which are created to aid the Hispanic community according to the issues they are facing in today’s society. These issues can range from the economy to education for their children. It provides instructions of how to getting in contact with individuals that can help them and also news items to show the progress each organization has made in their efforts.

The second site is Hispanic which is created to provide the Hispanic community with the tools required by them to attain success in American society. The site is self contained and though has contact information does not provide any programs or individuals who can provide personal aid. The third and final site I chose is for the “National Hispanic Professional Organization”. This website is created to promote an organization which promotes training and professional development through seminars and teachings programs in the Hispanic community through non-profit means. The site provides a membership form for individuals so that they may gain information on how the site can help them.

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