Essay: Nazi Constituency

Sample Essay – Nazi Constituency

The author initiates by presenting a discussion on the rise and fall of the Weimar, preceded by a discussion on the ideologies that existed behind Nazism. The chapter to follow presented a highly informative elaboration on the policies of the National Socialist party and the propaganda that was carried out under it. A highly credible element of the book was the elaboration on the organization of the Nazis in the form of a unique chapter. This particular chapter was preceded by two chapters which served as extensions to it and addressed Nazi Constituency in the middle class as well as in the working class.

The author brings the book to a highly unique conclusion by first concretely distinguishing itself from other works on the Nazi empire and then proceeding to present a comparison of different perspectives on the development of the Nazis in a manner that seeks to appreciate the rise of the Nazis through the intricate relationship between Socialism and fascism.

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