Essay: The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain

Sample Essay

If Hughes’ The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain was to be taken in contrast with regard to Mumbo Jumbo by Ishmael Reed. One can see that Ishmael Reed’s observation of the African American community to be an evolved derivation of Hughes’ perception. Reed has chosen to delve into the intricacies of the lives of African Americans in a manner that highlights the role that the social and cultural environment played in the development of African Americans.

In Mumbo Jumbo, Reed offers a narration of sorts and brings the reader to the conclusions along the way in a manner that sets Reed apart from other writers, whereas in The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain, Hughes’ continues to narrate the core point of view through the entire course of the essay and does not bring into use any lengthy examples while doing so. However, Hughes does make quite frequent use of anecdotes and chooses to use them to strengthen the foundation of the essay as it proceeds. Yet, the central idea of both the authors continues to center on the fact that as society has evolved, so have the numerous biases and prejudices with it. The process of evolution of society cannot be discouraged let alone prevented, considering the fact that it has gained a certain degree of momentum from it course through time.

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