Essay: Obsession with the past: Love Cannot be Forgotten

Sample Essay

The essay Love Cannot Be Forgotten has been written by Zhang Jie and explores the author’s present as a reflection of her past (Jie). In the essay Love Cannot Be Forgotten, Zhang Jie begins by narrating to the reader perhaps one of her most deepest insecurities when she tells the reader that she has come to an age where women are expected to establish matrimonial binds with any man she can manage to get and should not be choosy in this regard.

However, Zhang Jie seems to be in a state of mind where her perceptions are not only founded in the fundamentals that she learned from her mother as a child but it appears that her regard towards her past is deep rooted to an extent such that even the process of the evolution of her perceptions is heavily influenced by the thoughts, memories and recollections of her past.

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