Essay: Odysseus and Milkman Dead

Sample Essay

The situation causes Milkman to come to the realization that his greediness is a result of his father’s hurt past and this allows him to move on and have a change of heart, which is evident as the novel continues.  The next host town is Shalimar where Milkman’s great-grandfather was from.  In this small town, Milkman finally decodes his proud family history (Toni Morrison).  He is able to learn of it through the song that the children sing, and when he does learn of his great-grandfather’s flight to freedom, he reaches his ultimate liberation by realizing who he is and what his great-grandfather stood for: The breaching of the chains of slavery through any means possible. Then, when he jumps and “rides the air” he receives freedom from his oppressed mental and physical life.

It is evident from having observed the two fascinating pieces of literature above that the desire to acquire an objective becomes all the more imperative and undeniable as humans continue to strive for a means of comfort in the midst of all of life’s constraints.  This notion is evident in characters within the novels of The Odyssey and Song of Solomon.  Odysseus and Milkman Dead are both restrained from certain actions that they desire, and even though they come from very different backgrounds, they both use the same resources, women and hosts, to acquire their often secretive objectives, whether mental or physical.

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