Essay: Odysseus’s Diplomacy

Sample Essay

While this factor may appear to be less obvious, this fact does not in any way serve to diminish the role that Odysseus ‘s diplomacy plays in providing him with the resources he needs to survive and the reasons he needs to continue his journey (Homer and Worsley). As a result of Odysseus’s diplomacy, we see that Calypso releases Odysseus from her island, thus setting him free to begin his journey home, where his true liberty resides.

His next step towards autonomy comes from the goddess-like Nausicaa, to whom he says, “You’re the Artemis to the life… I look at you and a sense of wonder takes me”(173).  It is evident once more at this point that he is trying to persuade her in his naked situation and is once more resorting to his special brand of diplomacy that allows him to survive through sea after stormy sea in which all of his crewmen perish (Homer and Worsley). In the same book aforementioned, Athena made him “taller to the eyes, his build more massive now, and down from his brow she ran his curls like thick hyacinth clusters full of bloom”(175). This is strong language from Homer.

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