Essay: The Odyssey and Song of Solomon

Sample Essay

This paper shall attempt to perform an analysis of certain characters within the novels of The Odyssey by (Homer and Worsley) and Song of Solomon by (Toni Morrison). The central purpose of the paper shall be to identify how Milkman Dead and Odysseus are two fundamentally related characters and that there are numerous associations between them even though they are present in sharply contrasting contexts. Milkman Dead and Odysseus come from very different backgrounds.  They are both restrained physically and mentally from certain actions; yet, find ways to overcome these hindrances in order to continue with the quests for which they set out for in the beginning.  Their achievements through the course of their journeys can be found through the diverse comforts they confide in, most notably in women and hosts.

First, it is apparent that Odysseus acquired his mental and physical accomplishments through several interactions with women throughout his journey (Homer and Worsley).  The first and perhaps the most obvious example of this fact can be found in his interactions with Calypso. However, it is important to note that like other works by (Homer and Worsley), Odysseus also incorporates an underlying plot. In this case, while Zeus and Calypso appear to be the two primary characters that influence Odysseus ‘s journey, it is actually Odysseus who is to be given credit with the diplomacy with which he counters Calypso’s advances and her continuous attempts to bring Odysseus to her.

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