Essay: Overwhelming of Emotions

Sample Essay

An overwhelming of emotions may also cause the person to lose track of the priorities that exist for that person. A person may attempt to resort to desperate measures in a situation that is not as desperate as the person’s emotions may be making the situation appear to be. However, not all emotions not all emotions are ones that a person should expose as soon as they are felt. As the following paragraphs shall explain, an emotion is a strong and more than often strongly energized feeling, and in this regard, it is essential to maintain a certain degree of control over it (Goleman, 1997).

It is essential to note that an emotion is not always an element that should be avoided or neglected since if used in the appropriate manner, it can also serve to be useful. For instance, a fire fighter may fear for his life but his emotions may draw him into a burning structure to save a person’s life by drawing them out (Helmeke & Sori, 2006).

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