Essay: PC Pitstop

Sample Essay

In the case of PC Pitstop, the advice I got was that I should consider completely formatting my hard disk of the previous operating system before initiating the installation and if the problem still persisted, the user forum led me to the conclusion that I should attempt to make my BIOS recognize the Universal Serial Bus as a bootable device in order to get on with the installation (Invision Power Board, 2009). So the advice given by PC Pitstop was based on a slight tinkering with the BIOS, and a complete reformatting of the current operating system from the hard drives.

When going through Computing.Net, I was amazed to see that the problem I was facing had not only been experienced by other users the very same way such as I had seen in the PC Pitstop user forum, but was also shared by many other users who had experienced it at different points during the Windows XP setup as well. Computing.Net also offered hard drive recovery tools that were placed within the forum of my interest (Computing.Net LLC, 2005). Computing.Net was of the opinion that I required a few drivers to be installed before I began the actual windows installation. This of course required that I make additional purchases of driver CDs.

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