Essay: Perceived Strengths and Weaknesses of Bestway Cash & Carry

Sample Essay


With over fifty stores open across the UK, Bestway Cash & Carry caters to a vast array of retailers. It is known across retailers as a pivotal contributor to their consistent functioning and its position in the Bestway Group gives Bestway Cash & Carry access to high levels of proficiency, planning and management support.

In certain cases, the manufacturers also have to invest in advertising costs incurred by the wholesaler. This serves to bring about the fact that manufacturers manage to bring their products to the market with minimal advertising costs and do not have to actively engage in marketing activities since the wholesaler takes care of that particular end (Hoover’s, Inc. 2009). The result is a setup in which the larger share of the manufacturers sales are made to the wholesaler who incurs the larger share of the freight, marketing and warehousing costs, which is then communicated to the consumer. This serves to increase the reliance that Bestway Cash and Carry’s suppliers have on it and strengthens its position in the value chain.

Bestway Cash & Carry continues to operate in a manner such that it continuously introduces new products in its product range though its brand Best-In (Bestway 2009). This serves to decrease reliance on external suppliers and strengthens Bestway Cash and Carry’s position.

Bestway Cash & Carry operates extensively through subsidiaries and affiliates. Through elements such as “planograms” (Bestway 2009) and training sessions, Bestway Cash & Carry keeps its subsidiaries and affiliates close-knit in a strong relationship. The link between the chain of stores and the motivational drive to perform is continuously stimulated through frequent awards and appraisals.

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