Essay: Perception of Love in the Modern World

Sample Essay

With regard to the perception of love that prevails in the modern world, love has become a phase of sorts for coming generations. It is observed heavily and delved into extensively buy teenagers by steadily forgotten as the person grows up and learns to realize obligations that are to be kept as the primary guiding factors of life if success is to be achieved. On the other hand, some people choose to pursue the entity that they fall in love with and choose to make that entity the very center of their lives.

Needless to say, love has become a bit of a commercial entity in the modern world in the sense that it is now extensively used by commercial organizations around the world as a launch pad to launch a wide majority of their products and services. Commercial organizations use marketing strategies based on a mother’s love if they are selling diapers or a marketing strategy based on newlyweds if they are trying to market honey moon suites. The exploitations of the concept of love in the modern world are uncountable. But the fact remains that love is an entity that is always present everywhere. It is present on a person’s side of the fence as well as on the other person’s side of the fence when looked at from his shoes.

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