Essay: The Plot of the Stolen Party

Sample Essay

From the very beginning, the reader finds the plot so riveting that it becomes almost next to impossible to leave the story half way through. Once the plot begins to unfold we see the implications of the vast differences that exist within the society as they unfold around a small girl. The girl’s world is fragile and is protected by emotions of innocence and the purity of emotion. We can observe this fact as she implores persists and begs her mother to allow her to go to the birthday party of her friend. Her friend, needless to say, is the daughter of her mother’s employer and the mother is worried for not only her daughter’s innocence.

The mother is also worried for the barriers of society that the girl will be breaching by doing so. Liliana Heker’s Rosuara however manages to persuade her mother to allow her to let her go to the birthday party. She manages to break through the barriers of the social class structure. Liliana Heker shows how the mindset that a person has contributes to the development and sustenance of the voids that form social classes. Liliana Heker does an excellent job of bringing to light the approach that society should adopt if it wishes to relieve itself of the stigma that serves to prolong and fuel the voids that form these social classes.

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