Essay: Population of Macungie Borough

Sample Essay

The Macungie Borough has a predominantly white population of 3,039 people. The populations mainly consist of elderly individuals and families with children. The population of Macungie follows the Christian faith and there are nine churches present in the area. They are the Concordia Lutheran Church, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Living Hope Presbyterian Church, Macungie Baptist Church, Macungie Church Of-Nazarene, Salem Christian School, Solomon’s United Church-Christ, St Anne’s Episcopal Church and St Peter’s Union Church. There are also religious schools within the community. It hosts four schools within the East Penn School District namely the Lower Macungie Kindergarten Center, the Macungie elementary school, Eyer Middle School and Emmaus High School.

In terms of social services Macungie borough has several centers which offer social services to its inhabitants. The borough has its own garbage and recycling plan in place for the community. It also boasts a twenty four hour police department with five full time employees and five part time officers. The borough also has a fire department which is run by volunteer firemen from the community. It also provides locations where individuals can receive social services related to aiding them. Places such as the Sacred Heart Senior living, Genesis Healthcare and Lehigh Commons offers a place which provides assisted living for the elderly. The Sacred Heart Patient and Rehab center also provides the individuals in the community with a place to treat drug and alcohol addiction. There are also facilities within the borough which provide day care centers and marriage counseling. However, there is an absence of facilities such as a mental health clinic, a dedicated alcohol treatment centre, substance abuse counseling center or a halfway house for the homeless. However, the surrounding counties do have several such facilities available.

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