Essay: Preventing Cell Phone Injuries

Sample Essay

It is important to note here that there have been a number of reports on cellular phone explosion incidents where the cellular phone batteries have either short circuited or have over heated causing the expulsion of heat and at times, fragments of the exploded battery to injure people present in the surroundings (Charny, 2004). Cellular phone manufacturers have insisted that it is necessary to ensure that counterfeit batteries are not used because they do not contain fail-safe precautionary mechanisms that are required to prevent damage to occur to the cellular phone or the person carrying the cellular phone in the event of an overheating or a short circuit caused by overpowering or a closure of aeration vents (Lawyers Attorneys, 2008).

There are however, a number of precautions that a person can exercise in order to avoid the occurrence of incidents such as the ones discussed above. It is recommended that the cellular phone is used only and only when a person is in a stationary position. This is perhaps the only way that any possible injuries that cellular phone use can inflict can be prevented before they begin to take shape. If the use of the cellular phone turns into a necessity without which one cannot do, then it is suggested that the person makes use of the hands-free (iHealthBulletin News, 2008). However, the use of the hands-free should not be considered to be an all out leverage that can be exploited to use cellular phones whenever and wherever the desire to do so id felt. Rather the use of the hands-free should be encouraged to be kept to a bare minimum.

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