Essay: Propaganda Films

Sample Essay

The problem in identifying propaganda movies is that a movie that can be classified as a propaganda movie can also be classified as a documentary at the same time because it generally seeks to address perceptions and events that are either already taking place or are in formation. Movies such as these tend to be based on the presentation of arguments against a particular perception. However, if propaganda was to be taken in the perspective of the definition presented above, then movies such as Hijacking Catastrophe (Bond)and Leading to War (Hershey) can also be considered as propaganda movies. Both these movies take a highly critical and focused look towards their respective subjects.

It was observed from a critical analysis of these movies and other propaganda movies that there is a considerable importance given to the presentation of plausible scenarios. Scientific reasoning is often brought into consideration along with a critical eye toward formally released statements by individuals. Another element that was observed to be of critical relevance was that propaganda movies attempt to leave the audience questioning the perceptions that they consider to be facts.

Movies such as these rarely make a statement that is directed directly against their opposing school of thought and generally bring evidence presentations to conclusions by asking the audience to consider the presented volume and appearance of odds that negate formerly developed perceptions. In light of this discussion, it can be concluded with regard to Fahrenheit 9-11 that the film is indeed a propaganda movie.

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