Essay: Using Different Propaganda Techniques

Sample Essay


A buzz is the informal name given to the popularity of a phenomenon that acquires momentum at a rapid pace  (Kamalipour and Snow). The phenomenon acquires popularity like wildfire and becomes a headline of sorts. The reason because of which a phenomenon becomes a buzz is because it tends to present a new concept or idea that violates or goes against one that is already well known.


Censorship is observed when content is altered so that it excludes certain parts that were originally its constituents  (Kamalipour and Snow). Censorship is generally performed in cases where content is found to be unsuitable for a reason that is defined by pre-established standards or thresholds.


Contrivance is observed when information is presented so that it presents only a particular side of the story. The purpose of the act of contrivance is to influence thinking through by deceiving the sense of logic through incomplete information (Jenks). This technique is frequently made use of in propaganda where only one side of the story is put forth.

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