Essay: Racial Prejudices in the Movie Crash

Sample Essay

As I am an American I found myself surprised by many of the choices undertaken by the characters in the film. Though I wasn’t shocked at how the white characters in the film saw themselves as being socially above any of the other races the were depicted in the film. I was surprised to see how the perception of these individuals by society can actually create situations where they are forced to become the very stereotypes attributed to them. The film also surprised me by showing that many of the racial tensions that exist within American Society today are not the result of actions by any particular race rather they are due to the prevalent prejudice against those individuals in society. In truth all individuals are human beings and the possibility of fallacy exists in all races.

When we consider how media depicts the issue of race through watching YouTube and other visual medium. It is interesting to see that white people are predominantly portrayed as honest, hard working human beings with the capability to make mistakes. While African Americans are pre dominantly portrayed as a criminal element within society. African Americans and Latinos are usually depicted as being in illegal organizations with ties to drugs, while Latinos are usually depicted as being illegal’s who have not entered the United States through proper channels. African Americans were also depicted as being less educated, less successful and less cultured than their Caucasian counterparts. Asians are pre-dominantly of Chinese origin and are depicted as being technological or mathematical experts. All individuals of different sexual orientations are pre dominantly white with very few homosexuals depicted by other races. In addition most of the characters which were disabled were also Caucasian in origin. Caucasian males in the media I viewed were often depicted as trustworthy individuals. Individuals who were Caucasian and also of the criminal persuasion though present were often linked to Hispanic Americans or African Americans. Middle Eastern individuals were depicted by actors far less than any other racial type.

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