Essay: Recommendations for Bestway Cash & Carry

Sample Essay

The above discussion serves to bring forth the fact that there is a need for Bestway Cash & Carry to accelerate the development of its Best-In brands in order to increase the loyalty level across its consumer base. Stress needs to be given upon the development and marketing of the Best-In brand in order to do so.

The economic analysis served to prove that the UK expects to undergo slow growth rates through 2010 (The Centre for Economics and Business Research 2009) and does not expect any rapid growth for an year or two afterwards, this serves to add to the relevance of the fact that Bestway Cash & Carry is limited in its operation to the UK and its growth is therefore dependant on the UK economy. If it was to expand its chain of stores to economies beyond UK borders, it may be able to acquire stimulating profits and may be able to develop strengths that it is currently without. Another aspect observed with regard to the fact that the Bestway Cash & Carry chain of wholesale stores is limited in its operation to the UK is that in consideration of the rapid expansion of its competitors in the industry, it is imperative for Bestway to begin considering programs to expand beyond the UK and into other regions.

While Bestway Cash & Carry frequently provides its consumer with discounts and price cuts, the store lacks a direct and aggressive functioning motto that is iconic across the leaders of the industry. In order to respond to the opportunity that exists in the form of the capture of the industry leaders’ market share, Bestway Cash & Carry will have to develop an aggressive strategy to reach through to the consumer base that is loyal to Bestway Cash and Carry’s competition.

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