Essay: Recommended Research approaches for Business Research

Sample Essay

The two most popular and widely used research approaches included the quantitative approach and the qualitative approach. According to the experts both of these techniques are the backbone of business research and they are also the very fundamentals of a research. The first approach which is being discussed in this regard is the quantitative approach. In this kind of approach the researcher uses claims for the development of knowledge like the cause and effect thinking etc. similarly specific variables are identified and hypotheses is developed after which the research proceeds. Different observations are also given way and testing of theories is also a fundamental element of this technique.

In other words we can say that this type of techniques primarily focuses on the use of statistical tools to draw a result and the most important goal is to test the phenomenon that whether the theory holds true or not.  At the other hand the qualitative approach helps in providing an inside views of the problem or cases. The major tool which is used by the qualitative technique is the questionnaire and the surveys. These questionnaires and surveys are designed in such a way that they take into account the population and its respondents as well. Qualitative research is mainly applied in scientific areas to test the objectivity of the data as well as the application of the data to the selected sample of the population (McBurney and White 2006).

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