Essay: Relationship Analysis of Hamlet and Horatio

Sample Essay

If one was to go through the play while closely analyzing the relationship between Hamlet and Horatio, it is evident that there appears to be an underlying cause-and-effect association that they contribute to the plot of the play (Morgan). There seems to be the occurrence of a major shift in the plot after every time the two characters engage in a conversation, allowing us to surmise that Shakespeare gives a prime degree of relevance to the two characters through the course of the plot.

Almost every time Hamlet finds himself riddled with either one of guilt, sadness, dejection or rejection, Horatio comes to Hamlet’s rescue by serving as the support system that Hamlet needs in order to revive his spirits to a level where he is once more capable of carrying out his decisions (Coan).

Horatio is Hamlet’s haven after all that he goes through. While we see Hamlet go through wave after wave of turmoil, we see Horatio stand by Hamlet’s side. He continues to stand by Hamlet and Hamlet continues to find Horatio around every turn that he takes (Morgan). Horatio supports Hamlet and also takes care of Hamlet. As a result, Horatio comes forth as Hamlets support system. He comes forth as a character without whom the plot would have progressed very differently.

An exemplary case in support of this statement can be found in the fact that Hamlet’s last words are to his friend Horatio.

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